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QuickNom Interstate

Shipper friendly; FERC compliant

QuickNom Interstate provides the operators of FERC-regulated natural gas pipelines with a cost-effective, NAESB-compliant system for managing pipeline nominations, scheduling, contracts, capacity release, OBAs and more.

QuickNom Interstate offers:

And QuickNom Interstate is an Internet-based service - Latitude provides site design, hosting, and maintenance, so a pipeline can be on the Internet in days, not months.


Latitude also provides an Informational Postings Site Service that supports all the public postings required by FERC and NAESB. The Informational Postings Site Service can be deployed as stand-alone web site, but when coupled with QuickNom Interstate, many of the required routine postings - such Operationally Available Capacity and Transactional Reporting - are automatically posted to the Info Postings Site based on actions taken in QuickNom Interstate. This saves the pipeline operator valuable time and compliance headaches.

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