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EDI Service

A proven leader in the EDI Energy Market for over 17 years

Latitude has been in the Retail and Wholesale EDI energy market since the beginning of deregulation and our EDI Service is used by dozens of energy marketers, interstate natural gas pipelines, energy data aggregators, and energy management firms to encrypt, decrypt, translate, and track their key energy transactions.

Wholesale Energy EDI
Latitude's Wholesale EDI Service provides natural gas pipelines and shippers with the reliable, NAESB-compliant exchange of pipeline transactions.

Latitude's Wholesale EDI Service provides a high level of service with flexible customer interface options for both pipelines and shippers. Latitude's Wholesale EDI Service eliminates the need to internally develop NAESB-specific capabilities and infrastructure - Latitude provides all necessary communication, software, configuration, data management, and backups on hardware housed in Latitude's own data center.

Latitude can translate inbound data to match legacy system formats, or support a universal format that mitigates changes between trading partners. All files are processed automatically upon receipt, eliminating the delays caused by "batch" file processing.

Additionally, Latitude provides a dedicated, secure Internet portal called the EDM Scoreboard. The EDM Scoreboard provides 24x7 the status of all transferred files. File status can be sorted by Trading Partner, date and transaction type. Optionally, the EDM Scoreboard can send an e-mail notification in the event of a file transfer error.

Retail Energy EDI
Latitude's Retail EDI Service provides Energy Marketers, Aggregators, and Utilities with the full transaction set needed to maintain and bill Gas and Electric customers.

As state governments across the country open up retail natural gas and electric marketplaces, the need for secure, reliable data transfer between energy marketers and utilities becomes increasingly critical - and complex. Using Latitude's Multi-State Superset format, energy marketers can easily add states and utilities into their portfolio without changing system configuration. The superset format allows for a single integration in order to do both electric and gas transactions in 14 states (CA, CT, DC, DE, IL, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, & TX). Why re-integrate your systems every time you enter a new market when you don't have to?

Latitude's EDI Service features:

  • Simplicity - Latitude's file translation service provides a Multi-State Superset format supporting multiple utilities and transaction types.
  • Flexibility - Latitude's EDI Service can easily be broadened, or narrowed to match transaction volumes, budgets, and system interfaces.
  • Cost-effectiveness - By leveraging key system design and support technologies, Latitude provides EDI service at a fraction of what it costs to develop "in-house" solutions.
  • Power - Latitude's real-time translations can be used to send data to and from any system you use, whether that's a 3rd Party Vendor, Pipeline, Utility, or Home Grown Back Office System.
  • Reliability - Latitude provides 24-hour support, with redundant systems backed by a mirrored disaster recovery site.

Scoreboard, Your View Into Your Data

Latitude provides each Customer with a secure, Internet-based portal that provides 24-hour access to transactions and key information.

Energy Retailer EDI Partners

The Latitude System is a highly flexible data translation tool. As such, we can integrate your data flow between any disparate systems in order to meet your business needs. In the Retail Energy marketplace, this mean's that Latitude can translate your data to and from any utility in the deregulated marketplace whether you choose to utilize a third party vendor for Billing, Forecasting, or Sales...or you've built those products in-house. A partial list of third party software vendors that Latitude is ready to work with is below.

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